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MMI Role Playing Interviews Advice

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Preparing for MMI interviews and I wanted to ask for help when it comes to certain roleplay scenarios.  One of the practice questions that I came across is "Roleplay as a PA and break bad news to a patient who has cancer."  Any advice or tips on how to approach these types of questions?

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I would have to say the main way to prepare is to just have a game plan when you go into it, and be authentic. The scenarios are so random I don't think a single practice question was at any of my MMIs, but they give you a semblance of how you would react. For example I know you're not a provider and the people interviewing you know that as well, but how would you break bad news to your own family member or friend? When you're studying for them think of personal experiences you can include and draw from as part of your answer. I personally think MMIs are a bit nonsensical but for some reason Med Schools and now PA schools like to use them to test your abilities. Also look up some podcasts that have people discuss them was helpful for me. Best of luck!

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