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Principles of Biology vs General Biology

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Hello, maybe someone can help me out with a question I have.

Pretty much every school has the pre-req of general biology. My school calls the biology class for Biology majors- Principles of Biology. Do you think this will be an issue when applying?

My school has General Biology but it is not for Bio majors. I am signed up to take General Bio just as a place filler this Fall.

I had to take Principles of Biology to be able to take the upper level Bio classes such as Genetics and Cell and Molecular biology.


Any feedback would be great, Thanks.

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Hey! As from experience, sometimes different unis/colleges have different names for the same courses! so while in your school its called principles of biology, in others it could be general biology 1. You should double check with an advisor but it has happened to me and when i transferred the information over, there was no issue.

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