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Is it worth recertifying if you are planning to retire?

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My NCCPA certification is good through December 2028.  This means that the sign up for the PANRE-LA opens up this coming Monday for me.  I am planning to retire at the end of this certification period or perhaps a little sooner.  The only reason for me to do the recertification is to have the ability to get a job if something catastrophic happens with my finances.  I am very good with money, so I doubt that I will need to return to work, but it is nice to have backup plans just in case.  Is it worth the $350 and the work that goes into doing the PANRE-LA if you are fairly sure that you aren't going to need the certification?  If I recertify, of course I will do the PANRE-LA before trying the PANRE one day test.

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I am retiring in 18 months and work for an org that doesn't require me to maintain certification. I am still taking the PANRE--LA because stuff happens. I may decide to work somewhere at some point and its better to have it and not need it than the other way around.

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I stopped practicing 5 years ago.    I paid the $350  to file my CME once.  .   Was due again at the end of 2023.   Decided to stop paying the $ for essentially nothing.   I will never return to clinical again.  If it were free of charge I would have continued but not for the $$

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