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Vitamins. Interesting

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The Eye Docs still stress AREDS Vits for eyes and they are big on it.

The overwhelming majority of my Pacific NW patients are horribly Vit D3 deficient - the norm here - but some are as low as 5 or 8 and have musculoskeletal, depression and other complaints. It works to get them back to normal range 40-90 despite what the lab reports as normal.

Many of my heavy drinkers are folate deficient and B12 deficient and we do a TON of B12 and folate evals due to this.

PPIs kill magnesium and the majority of VA patients are on a PPI.

Alcoholics have low sodium a lot of the time - or SSRIs - not a vitamin but still a consequence of disease or drug.

I replace what I can to keep adverse symptoms from occurring but have never thought for a second that a multivitamin would help someone live longer. 

Clean living, good genes and common sense are more likely to help with that.

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There was a huge metadata study years back that basically said absent a specific deficiency that needs to be addressed vitamins don't do much. I have lots of old people spending lots of money on supplements they don't need and I try to talk them off the ledge just for the financial benefit.

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The memory drugs bother me the most. Preying on vulnerable elderly afraid of dementia and willing to do whatever to cure their problem. It is so ridiculous.

FDA curbs unfounded memory supplement claims

April 18, 2024

By Robert H. Shmerling, MD, Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing; Editorial Advisory Board Member, Harvard Health Publishing
FDA curbs unfounded memory supplement claims - Harvard Health

I must have seen the commercial for Prevagen 50 times. Perhaps you've seen it, too: "You might take something for your heart… your joints… your digestion. So why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you… your brain? With an ingredient originally found in jellyfish! Healthier brain, better life!"

Like many heavily-advertised supplements, this one makes many claims. The bottle promises it "improves memory" and "supports: healthy brain function, sharper mind, clearer thinking." Never mind that the main ingredient in jellyfish (apoaequorin) has no known role in human memory, or that many experts believe supplements like this would most likely be digested in the stomach and never wind up anywhere near the brain. Oh, and the commercial doesn't mention any risks of treatment or cost (though I found it online for $1 to $2/day).

But does this supplement actually do what it says? If it doesn't, how can the manufacturer make these claims? And if apoaequorin is so great, why aren't jellyfish smarter, as a colleague of mine wonders?


The US Federal Trade Commission and the New York State Attorney General weren't convinced of the supplement's benefits. They charged the supplement maker with false advertising back in 2017; in February 2024, a New York jury found that many of the supplement's claims were not supported by reliable evidence and some (but not all) of the claims were "materially misleading." The FTC lawsuit has not yet been decided.

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If you do not have a deficiency or medical issue there is n value to a once a day multivitamin. In fact this study showed you might die sooner by taking one (not statistically sig through and causation v correlation ). 

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I shy away from multivits and only tx the deficits I find that correlate with the condition or medication or symptoms and findings on labs.

I won't give B12 shots to folks who are not B12 deficient so they can fell energized.

This study did not go over individual deficits, just general old multivitamins................

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