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A World of Hurt: How Medical Malpractice Fails Everyone

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I like the idea they put forth about structured reconciliation. If I didn't have my existing clinic, I bet my background would be great for that: clinician, chaplain, risk manager, investigator... But most of all, the idea of helping both the medical practitioners and the injured achieve closure and move on while depriving lawyers of business really appeals to me.

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It wasn't called anything in particular but I first started hearing about this type process about 15 years ago. It really scared a lot of people because we are taught to go into full defense mode when there is a claim of some kind of malpractice. Honestly, it still makes me leery just because I have seen the worst in people and of people too much over the years to think about widening my throat to give someone an open shot at it. I am fortunate to have never been the focus of a malpractice case other than being in the splash zone on the periphery and was subsequently dropped. 


For me the biggest upside is allowing health care providers to be human and to learn and grow from mistakes. It is hard to do if the process crushes all the participants. Nobody has been in this profession for any length of time who hasn't made a decision that caused harm. We have to be able to use those times to become better at what we do.

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