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Where to purchase tail coverage? Also, does anyone know if tail coverage is included in a shared limits policy?

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I am a new grad that has been working at my first job for over a year. However, I am planning on leaving. I am currently under a shared limits policy and have been told that I don't need tail. However, I don't quite understand how I don't need tail coverage and am confused on what a shared limits policy means. Also, to make it more confusing, my current job is going with a different malpractice provider in a few months, but I am planning of possibly leaving before that. Thus, to be safe, I was thinking about just purchasing my own tail coverage. Where do PAs typically purchase tail coverage?

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I don't think you can purchase straight up tail coverage?     Call the company that you are currently listed and see if they over it.    It would extend off this policy is my educated guess.  And you are correct if your present company is plan  on switching to a new malpractice provider you and every other provider will need some type of coverage unless they are going with an occurrence policy.    But call the company you are currently listed under.    

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