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Chances of admission

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So I had gotten accepted into Daemen’s direct entry pa program (BS/MS) with the 2 yr undergrad and the 3 yr grad phase. This was during covid and many issues during the pandemic such as physical health caused me to perform poorly my first year. I ultimately had two courses I had to retake to make it into the grad phase and since I had one retake left I was disqualified for the grad part of the program. So I never actually made it to the grad pa program portion. Ever since I’ve gotten my bachelors in health science and have improved my grades. I have also retaken the prereq courses and gotten better grades in those at a different school. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what my chances would be, if I improved my gpa, improved my grades in those prereq courses, and I get all the application requirements and materials completed, to get into a pa program elsewhere? 

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