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Non trad applicant - which GPA would schools focus on?

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Hello everyone! I am a 30 year old non traditional applicant who graduated University back in 2016. I majored in graphic design so I only took 2 GE science classes in undergraduate. 

I took pre-requisite courses 7 years after I graduated (2023), and got all As. So my post-bach science gpa came out to 4.0.

However, my cumulative undergraduate is 3.57 and cumulative undergraduate sciences is 3.76.

I guess I was hoping that the school that I am applying to only look at post bach science gpa but would they be looking at my cumulative undergraduate and cumulative undergraduate science gpa? Im afraid my grades back then drop the average down even though i got all As in pre-req courses 😞

Which gpa would they be looking at? Given that I was a completely different major? Or does it not matter?

Please let me know! 

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