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Thinking about leaving easy job due to low PTO and HCOL

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I currently work in Allergy and Asthma and work in a high cost of living area in California (pay $3,000 a month for a 1 bedroom). It is my first job out of school and I have been working there for a year and a half. The job is easy and I only see 12 patients a day with a two hour lunch. However, I currently make 135k a year and half of my salary goes to rent . The job is also very repetitive and I mainly see follow-up for allergy shots all day. I feel like I am not using much of my education. I only get 10 PTO days (also 3 CME and 3 sick) and cover the other physicians at my practice almost weekly when they are on vacation. I recently got an ENT position in Arizona for 142k a year,  30 minute appointments, 18 days PTO, 5 days sick, 5 days CME, with malpractice and tail included. Am I crazy for wanting to leave? 

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You don't mention the relative COL. I'd analyze that carefully, because state-by-state comparisons aren't as useful as per metro area.

Now that I set my own schedule and see 12-14 patients per day, I find I don't need PTO. I don't get sick nearly so often as when I was being run ragged. If I overbook myself, I have only myself to blame. Otherwise, I get time to catch up if there's a no show and don't sweat it. Medicine at an unhurried pace is better medicine, and that may ultimately be a factor.

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12 hours ago, MedicalGirl13 said:

Am I crazy for wanting to leave? 

No, but AZ is becoming East LA and money isn't going as far there anymore. Just remember the grass isn't always greener... Especially in the desert. 

12 hours ago, MedicalGirl13 said:

two hour lunch.

Can you pick up some telehealth work or do something with this downtime? 

12 hours ago, MedicalGirl13 said:

I feel like I am not using much of my education. 

This was a big decision making factor for me when I left my first job after five years. It was arguably easy work and I felt like I was selling myself short. Retrospectively, it was actually the heavy workload and doc dumping work on me (because they were also busy) that drove me to leave. After working a few "hard" jobs, I miss the "easy" work. Ultimately, I don't regret my decision to leave but I should've had a conversation with them and given them the opportunity to find a solution before deciding leaving was the right answer. 

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