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Just looking for feedback on the strength of my application. And what I can do better.

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Hello just looking for a little feedback to see where I stand. Would be nice to hear from someone else other than myself. Started my PA journey 4 years ago. I was a combat medic in the Army until last year, so I have over 5000 hours of PCE and I have a little over 1000 hours of direct PA shadowing hours.  I didn't do great went I went to college in 2010 but graduated. GPA was 2.5. I have gotten that up to a 3.0 and still taking classes. 

Overall went from a 2.5 to now a 3.0

Last 60 GPA is 3.9 

Science GPA 3.7

5000 PCE

7000 HCE

1000 PA shadowing Hours

LOR's- from 3 PA's I worked with and 1 LOR from college professor.

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Definitely seek programs that look at the last 45-60 hrs of your GPA. However, if you meet the minimum 3.0 GPA requirement, apply to those schools as well to increase your chances. Getting into PA school is a numbers game because 2000-3000 applications for 30-50 seats isn't too convincing. Not every qualified applicant even make it to the interview, hence the numbers game part. Your PCE and HCE is way above the average so that's definitely a booster.

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