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Men’s Health Clinic?

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So I just graduated and signed a contract for critical care in CA, but due to licensing and paneling/credentialing my job is not set to start for 6 months. As such, I really don't want to sit around for 6 months not working as a PA, and I've been applying to jobs in my state. No jobs are willing to consider me for only 6 months except for a "Men's Health" clinic which I assume is cash pay and mostly deals on testosterone replacement and treating ED. My question is, are places like this unethical? I never thought I would ever even consider working at a clinic like this cause I don't want to compromise my morals. Additionally, I feel nervous about a place like this cause I don't want to be pushed to practice bad medicine, no matter what type of medicine it is. Anyone have thoughts on this? Also anyone have good resources for legit testosterone replacement and ED guidelines? Thanks!

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My experience is limited to seeing the end result of a handful of these clinics and, so far, I haven't seen one that is science driven. They make up protocols and use their own numbers to justify multiple visits and give seemingly random amounts of testosterone in various nonsensical doses on various nonsensical schedules that mostly seem designed to drive more (unnecessary) visits. When I opened my own clinic and was doing science based testosterone prescribing I had several drop in and when I explained the process and treatment were STUNNED because their last clinic used to give them this and that on this day and 3 days later blah blah blah. Some of them (if they bothered to hang around) had serum testosterone levels 3 to 4 x higher than the high end of normal values. The long term consequences of this are somewhat forseeable and potentially dire.

ED treatment isn't generally complicated either absent some unusual complicating factor.

I have been on testosterone supplementation for about 25 years. I know what a huge impact it can have on quality of life in people who really need it. These clinics are not practicing medicine and are a thin hair from being a scam and/or malpractice.

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