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Informal post bacc

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Hi everyone!

I have been out of school now for about two years and I am planning on doing an informal post bacc to up my GPA prior to applying. I was wondering what would be the best way to go about this and if anyone has any advice or thoughts towards this. I graduated with a low cGPA of 2.658. I am wanting to take classes at my local community colleges as it would help me save a lot of money. 

Would it be advantageous for me to take the lower level sciences to help pad my GPA (assuming I get all A's) or would it benefit me more to try to take as many upper levels as I can?

Are there any course recommendations that would look better than others?

For informal post bacc's, I have heard of people applying as degree seeking students and not as visiting or non degree seeking, in order to obtain financial aid as well as having  priority selection of classes. Would this be worth it? or would I be better off applying as non degree seeking or just going for my masters prior to PA school. 

If I apply as a degree seeking student again would I still have access to upper level sciences? 

Thank you!

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