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Article from Peoria, IL on APN's and PA's

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Just read an article talking about APN's and PA's involved in Primary Care and it was a decent article until the author made this statement about the differences between the two professions:


"The differences are implied in their titles. Physician assistants assist the doctor. Advanced practice nurses, commonly called nurse practitioners, are registered nurses with advanced degrees."


uh................. so we don't hold advanced degrees?


The author of the article actually did one of the best jobs describing the PA profession until that one sentence.


Once an "assistant," always an assistant.


The article can be seen here: http://www.pjstar.com/features/x1440167358/Today-s-patients-more-likely-to-find-new-faces-providing-medical-care

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Is this something PAFT will respond to? Still gauging the function of the group and will pay dues if this is the type of thing PAFT will fight. EMEDPA I know you're part of PAFT, but did you respond as an individual representing yourself or the PAFT organization?


PAFT is keeping an ongoing list of these types of articles and responding to ALL OF THEM. it's important to correct these nonfactual statements that folks make without doing appropriate research.

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