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Communication Issues?

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Has anyone else had any communication issues with Chatham?


This past Friday I received an email:


Dear ____:


Recently you were emailed an invitation to interview for admission to the Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program at Chatham University. The deadline to reply to the invitation has passed and we have not received a reply from you. At this time we must assume that you have made other plans and no longer wish to be considered for a spot in the fall 2013 entering class.


Your application will be withdrawn. Best wishes for success in your future endeavors.


With regards,


Maureen Stokan


Except I never received the original email invitation to interview. I thought maybe I missed it (even though I check for invites at least 10x/day, haha) so I looked back through my inbox, spam, junk, trash, etc. and couldn't find anything. The only communication I received from Chatham was an application receipt confirmation sent back in late July. I replied to the email explaining that I was unaware of the original invite and apologized for my lack of response. Ms. Stokan replied saying that the invitation was sent to my correct email address on 05Oct2012 and I could still come interview if I wanted. (I went back and double checked my messages +/- 7 days and still found nothing...)

Since I did not receive this e-mail, I am concerned other important messages may not have been transmitted and would like to contact Gmail to investigate the issue if it was a mistake on their part. It just all seemed very strange to me being that I've never had any issues with Gmail transmissions before (at least not any I'm aware of).

At this point I've already accepted an offer from another school so I politely declined, but I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced a similar situation with Chatham.

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I sent an email to Maureen Stokan in the admissions office and made her aware of the situation. Her reply was less than friendly and I got the impression that I wasn't the first person to bring it to her attention. At first I thought it was an oversight on my behalf but based on these other posts, it seems the program is in a bit of disarray right now so I'm guessing those original invites were never sent out. I found it hard to believe that I'd miss an invitation or Google lost that one important message...


It is a shame though that people who paid the fee to apply to Chatham are having their applications withdrawn for not responding to an invite they never received.

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