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Some schools take a lot of students off of waitlists, some dont take 1. I would suggest keep bettering your application, take more Science classes, Shadow or keep working and gaining HCE. Because 1) If you get accepted off of the waitlist you are only bettering yourself for when school starts and preparing for the rigorous studying and time management you will need or 2) you will do nothing and just wait, and if you dont get accepted you will now be behind the 8 ball as far as bettering yourself for the next CASPA app. Just my 2 cents. I received no invites to interview last cycle so I went out and got another Job as an EMT, working FT and PT at the new one, and took a Pharmacology class and beefed up my PS and LOR. Now I have 2 Interviews at my top 2 choices this year. It can be done. Just dont give up!



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