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Spokane Campus applicants- MEDEX

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Fellow Applicants,

Just wondering if any Spokane campus applicants have received interviews (or rejection letters)?

I applied on August 28th and got a "Criteria Met" email on September 26th. I got the same email again yesterday.


Good luck all,

A.J. Gray of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Spokane AMR Paramedic

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nope! Haven't recieved either! I did hear a rumor that the Spokane interview is on nov 17th though : ) I am getting excited.


Good Luck!


Shana Colt


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I received my interview email today as well. Sadly, I already have another scheduled interview on that day.. Wish me luck that I can get my other interview changed!!!!

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I also have an interview! Guess the rumors were right this time : ) If anyone is in the Spokane area and wants to get together for a meet and greet/or interview practice let's try to arrange something. It would be nice to have some familiar faces and get to know each other before the interview!



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