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new grad deployment

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Talk to your DCCS in yourt state (state surgeon) in the guard on the primary contact. There are few to no 65D00 (Physician Assistant) billets for deployment down-range or even for CONUS slots on the HRC site, or the Tour of Duty (TOD) site that is often referenced for MOB opportunities (MOBCOP site as referenced in above reply). That site shows 5 to 6 slots, all for CONUS billets and O-3 or higher. Your AMEDD personnel in the guard can locate a contact for the master roster.


I was told by a NG colleague you can look on GKO as well. Additionally, look at the National Guard Forum online,...many questions and answers by NG PAs.


Lastly, ping me if you have no luck with this. I can put you in contact with someone that can find the answer. I was reviewing the NG Deployment needs list over a year ago before I was pulled for deployment. Best to you!!


A. Sanchez, PA-C



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I apologize if I don't where to post this, but it is central to my being and to my life most including my future career in medicine. I wrote it on FB and felt the need to share it here. I want to help, I really do.




I hate the media and I hate war. Odd then, that I've just applied for the US Army ... I told them the make or break is if MR is elected. The Sergeant told me that there are Generals far between he and I. Then he mentioned that some people LIKE to be deployed. I said, "oh I have no problem being DEPLOYED, I just want it to be ACCURATE. Russia? Really? Bin Laden wasn't a first priority?" There was just a sigh and then silence. Yea, no, I don't follow idiots. So, we'll see. But not for someone who can't even answer the 3 am question but instead throws up his hands with a 'come on barney, i'm not going to answer that!' Stand down and let America get back to work.


Oh! The real moment of my day was at work when I was treating an older man in his late 70s/early 80s. We made note that we were voting for conflicting nominees, and I noted that he was there on Medicare and that wasn't he worried about that not being there? He said smugly, "yea but not for me, only those around 55 or something." I said, "do you have kids?" He said, "I have 16 grandchildren by 5 wives." I just stared him in the eye and he looked down in shame. Yea, maybe Medicare if your family is involved, huh. Thanks Grampa. No thanks. How many more on food stamps during the last 4 years? THANK GOD, WE WERE HEADING INTO ANOTHER DEPRESSION. Thank God for food.


Okay, this is still writing in FB script but that's appropriate since I'm continuing right on. I want to train more extensively in medicine. I love FP/IM but my skills are surgical. I want more. I know the Army can bring me that. And I understand that the President, whoever they are, directs the military. But hell, I'm not going in as a soldier ... I get to make this choice and by g*ddamn am I going to do it incorrectly. I don't work for unintelligent superiors in medicine and that will remain the same as long as I go into the military!!!!



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