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Air Force2 year HPSP - 27 month program?

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My USAF recruiter submitted my application kit for the 2 year HPSP last week. She called me this week to let me know that because I am in a 27 month program (Start Sep 2012, finish Dec 2014, on a quarter system), the USAF is counting the entire second year of the scholarship as the last three months of my program because that is the fall semester of a new academic year. So, instead of covering 24 months (8 quarters), they're telling me I am only eligible for coverage for 5 quarters (15 months), but they're still going to call it a 2 year scholarship and I am still required to do 3 years. I was very upset to hear this as I'd asked two different recruiters several times if being in a 27 month program would be a problem and they told me "nope". I asked why they can't cover the last 8 quarters and I pick up the first one and the recruiter couldn't give me a reason other than "they won't".


I find this really odd since a lot of programs aren't exactly 24 months. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything I can do? I was really excited about the Air Force, but if they're starting to jerk me around before I'm already in, I may have to consider other options.

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