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[h=2]Hey Everyone,


I have been accepted to the OHSU program and just interviewed at MEDEX and it went really well. I am trying to prepare for the hypothetical situation of choosing MEDEX or OHSU.


I liked both schools a lot but I got the impression from the students at MEDEX that the programs are very different. OHSU seems more similar to other PA programs: Academically insane, more science driven, and the students generally come in with less experience. Conversely, MEDEX came across as academically difficult but one student candidly said, "It's really not that bad, you have to work hard, but compared to other schools you dont get as killed academically and you can have more of a life outside of school. The program is more skills based because it is a competency based program, that is why you dont have to worry about biochemistry here. They care more about the skills you actually need to be a PA, its like a training program."


I would be interested to any past or current MEDEX student's thoughts. I live in Seattle and would love to stay, and as nice as it would be to have a less "insane" of a program, I ultimately dont want to cut corners and miss out on information needed to be a responsible and knowledgable PA. An example of this would be how OHSU has a cadaver anatomy lab whereas MEDEX's anatomy course is online. Was this a disadvantage MEDEX students?


Lastly, I do not know what field of medicine I would like to work. I know MEDEX advertises primary care but many graduates choose other fields...are they at a disadvantage from a clinical rotations standpoint if they do not choose primary care?


I want to make the best choice for my family and I and there are many variables and questions I have not even mentioned above. I just want some help on people's experience at MEDEX vs. what they know about OHSU.


Thanks! [/h]

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for my money Medex>>>>OHSU. better students, better coursework, better rotations.

they have been around longer, have better rotation sites and just treat students better. OHSU is really an RN/NP driven organization and it is very difficult for OHSU students to even find rotations at their own hospital. lots of medex grads go on to work in non-primary care settings. no problem there. washington is also a lot more pro-pa than oregon FWIW.

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