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Physical therapy aide as HCE?

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Get a job working in a hospital where you're assisting patients in the ICU, on ventilator support with a PICC, gastrostomy tube, Foley, a stage IV sacral ulcer, etc. Post-op CABG patients. CVAs. SCI. Sepsis and pneumonia, wound care and lymphedema PT.


You learn a lot and go everywhere.


YMMV. I've had many opportunities on rotations thanks to my experience as an aide and my comfort level with acutely-ill patients.

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It depends on your hours. I'm currently a PT aide at a outpatient sports rehab clinic. I've worked long enough to gain patient interaction skills with patients and have many different experiences to draw from in my interviews! I've been accepted at 3 schools so far! It's definitely not weak!


I wish I had more medical experience in a hospital so find it if you can, but I definitely feel you can learn either way!

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