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Pre-reqs requirements: Post bacc or non-degree student

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I just want to say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the posts that have been posted to this forum. I just want some advice on how to go about getting my pre-reqs. Now I am currently in my last semester of my undergraduate year, (getting a B.A in Asian Studies) and I am at a standstill on what I am going to do next. Just some info, I am getting no financial help from my parents and I am currently unemployed (desperately searching mind you in NYC).:-_-:


Option 1: Apply for post-bacc. It generally takes 2-3 years to complete. However this entails taking Physics I and II as well as Cal I and II, which I know is a requirement for most post-baccs, although I know is NOT a requirement for P.A graduate schools. On top of this, still shadow a P.A for Health care experience. So do you recommend that I do this?


Option 2: Apply to EMT classes. Pass, work as an EMT for HCE, and work to pay for classes in any 4 year or community college. Sadly, if you are a non-degree student, you get NO financial aid whatsoever. This would probably take the same amount of time as completing a post-bacc. So would you recommend that I do this?


I really do not know what to do. I was honestly leaning toward option 2, but after looking up more about EMT's here in NYC, they usually say that it is kind of hard finding paid work here since there is a shortage of jobs, as well as the want for having someone with experience and not fresh out of school. This honestly dims my enthusiasm a bit but it doesn't discourage me. I would like some advice from anyone, but also from someone who did this process and relates to me on this financial situation. Any advice in general I would deeply appreciate!

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The EMT experience would certainly be great HCE, but like you said, jobs can be sparse in certain areas. The college closest to me said their EMT students have about a 30% employment rate or something like that. Not good. Either way, you are going to NEED HCE hours. and shadowing a PA doesn't count for that. So you're going to have to do something involving hands on patient care other than shadowing. Like you also pointed out, you get NO financial aid in most states if you already hold a BA/BS.


What kind of post-bacc are we talking about?

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