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New Grad- Ortho offer

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I'm just about to finish school, and I had my first interview and subsequent offer for an orthopedic position in Houston. Benefits and expected hours are as follows...

-$75,000, w/ potential production bonus at 6 months

-health insurance, malpractice, etc. covered

-$2,500 for CME w/ 4 days off

-paid licensure and certifications

-10 days of vacation


-approximately 7-5 M-F

-call one day/week and up to one weekend/month


Does this sound reasonable, or should I consider looking elsewhere? Thanks.

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Not sure what it costs to live in Houston....but it sounds too low all around

75k is way low

Get the details of the bonus in writing

2 weeks vacation....ok but not great. Need to negotiate for more after a year

Ortho can be lucrative.....you can potentially make 500 k or 750k for the practice in the first year

Your starting salary is the most important....it doesn't go up by much later

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