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Your Bachelor's degree and work experience before PA program

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Hi everyone,


I tried to find a thread like this, but couldn't. I was wondering if you could write a little about your path to PA program. I think it will be helpful if you will tell us what you studied for your Bachelor's Degree and also what kind of medical experience you had before applying to PA program. I just started to do my research on this field and it sounds very interesting. There are so many options to choose from before applying to PA program that sometimes it is difficult to pick a right one.


Thanks to everyone who will participate in this discussion.

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Do you have to HAVE your bachelors before applying? Or can you apply without it (but you will be graduating with it before maltrication)


A few programs require it before application (Albany being one of them that I know of), but most will allow you to apply with the understanding that you will have obtained your bachelors degree prior to matriculation. The programs that do require your bachelors degree before applying will list that under their prerequisites. As always, contact your program(s) of choice to get it straight from them, though. Best of luck!

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Never got a Bachelors, will receive a BS in clinical health sciences when I graduate my PA program, then work on my masters while I am working as a PA.


Work history:

Volunteer firefighter 1988-1999

EMT 1992-1999

Navy Corpsman 1990-2000

Surgical Tech 1995-2002

Paramedic 1999-Present

Wilderness Paramedic 2011-present yes, dates overlap...usually have a few things going on at same time

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Graduated with BA in journalism 14 years ago and worked for 12 years as a sports reporter for a mid-major newspaper that featured a kick-*** sports staff/section.


Since starting pre-reqs for PA school - I finish this semester with essentially everything completed - I have worked 2 years as a CNA at a perennial top-15ish hospital, and 6 months at a nursing home prior to that. Also have banked a ton of hours working reception/check-in for a non-profit health clinic during that time as well.

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