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Class of 2015 Interviews

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I am applying to the program next year, however, the "provisional accreditation" phrase worries me a little bit. On the accreditation website it says the Lake is up for renewal in September of 2013. Yall don't think this will affect the incoming class(Class of 2016)? The lake is my first (and likely only) choice so if they lose accreditation I would be in a bind.


Also on my GRE I got a 312 for the quantitative and verbal, but written was a 3.5 :( Should I take it again to improve my score?


Thanks for you help, ladies!

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Provisional accreditation does not have a negative meaning. You should probably visit http://www.arc-pa.org to get a more complete understanding of the accreditation process. Needless to say the faculty and administration here are working diligently to ensure that the upcoming site visit goes smoothly. I am not sure how the new GRE scoring system translates to the old system, but I believe there is a conversion formula somewhere. Test scores and GPA get you in the door, but experience and personality can/will seal the deal. I would spend your remaining time shadowing as many PAs in various fields as possible. Hope this helps.


BTW, not all of us here are ladies.....

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