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Chances for older student getting in to UPAP

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I would like to get feedback regarding my chances of getting into PA school... Utah and elsewhere. I am an 'outlier' in a few ways 1) 55 years old, 2) Engineering / Computer BS, 3) coursework done in 1983 with some refresher this summer, 4) home medical vs typical hands-on. Uggh!! Sometimes it seems that it is advantageous to fit mainstream. UPAP says that they look for diverse... I'm hoping that I fit that model well.


Your thoughts? Guidance? Thanks a ton in advance for your consideration...


Applied to UPAP end of August just before deadline. Born, raised, lived in Utah all life minus 9 years (Michigan, Pennsylvania)


Dual BS 1983 BYU - Mechanical Engineering, Computer Design... was also pre-med during this time

MBA partial due to job relocation 1991 - University of Michigan

Summer courses 2012 SLCC - Microbiology A, Physiology A - 2-3 highest in classes of 130 students

Current course SLCC - Anatomy

Cumm GPA: 3.5 @ 200 hrs

Science GPA:3.6 @ 130 hrs

Blew my first year (at U of U 1975) 2.6

Last 60 hrs GPA Science 3.78, Cumm 3.72

GRE Aug 2012 - Verbal 157 Quant 161 Analytical Writing 3.5

MCAT 1981 Biology 9, Chemistry 10, Physics 12

PCE: 3200 (home medical)

55 yrs old

Speak English and Spanish, two years in Argentina

Eight years of international business experience - headquartered in US

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How many hours of health care experience do you have? I'd like to know that before I could offer you my own insight. If you're interested in comparing your stats against other accepted classes at UPAP check out this site: http://medicine.utah.edu/upap/Admissions/admissions.htm#Demographics



Also, once you visit that site you will notice that there are two links under the table that go into further detail about people's health care background. I think you will be pleased to see that there are a few who got accepted that aren't traditional in their health experience either.



By the way, they do love diversity. I could see your profile fitting in well.

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kds423... Thanks for your quick response.


I have 3200 hours of "patient care" home medical experience and 2500 hours of "related" health care hours (marketing, product research / procurement, business mgmt, etc of home medical company.)


I have seen the demographics info from UPAP and feel that I meet the stats for accepted applicants BUT the oldest accepted so far is 47. Not sure if they would see a major problem with a 55 year old.


They have a fantastic program and I see that they do go for diversity. I am on 'pins and needles' hoping to hear soon. I was waiting for grades to come in til mid Aug so my application went in way later than I had hoped.


Thanks again for your insight!!

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I thought you may have seen those demographics. When I was applying I was so anxious and so consumed with UPAP that I read their website so many times I almost had it memorized. I know exactly that pins and needles feeling you're talking about.


Your hours look good, and I don't think age will be a problem if the rest of your application is solid. I think all they care about is that you are up to the challenge. If you do get an interview, be sure to convey to the interviewers that your age will not be a problem in completing their program. Sharing stories/examples is a good way to do that when they ask.


Good luck to you!

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Major bummer!! Just rec'd email from UPAP... "candidate pool of over 900 applicants.." "regret to inform you..."


We will have to do some major head scratching, pondering, and soul searching now. Still waiting for response from a few other programs.


Thanks for your support and well wishes though. Enjoy the journey...

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