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Savannah Class Jan 2013 Stats?

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I got accepted to NOVA Orlando and South GA as well as some more interviews. And I do not have perfect stats. You just have to work your butt off to show them you really want to get in.



Undergrad Major: Molecular, Cellular Developmental Biology

Total GPA: 3.33, Science GPA: 3.67

GRE: 1100

Research Experience: 2000 hours

Patient Care Experience by matriculation: 2000 hours

Licenses: CNA, BLS

Current Job: Clinical Research Coordinator for Phase I and Phase II Breast Cancer


Age: 23 (It can be done!! :;-D: )



**Tips for interview: Be yourself and be a compassionate human being. They want people who are personable and that aren't afraid to touch people or get to know them.

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