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Who is going to CAPA this year?

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Well Cabkrun I will look forward to seeing you at conference soon...ike next year. It was a great experience! CAPA always turns it out. Great talking to old friends and meeting the RCC student ambassadors and forum members. Good Job USC and Drew for the Challange bowl. SC I give you your props. I was really happy to see Drew there. SJVC team, there was no shame to your game, you made it to the final round and fought every step of the way...lol Right on! To the Junior cheerleaders, I didn't get it till the music started...lol Good job. Steph you jammed... girl! Congrats Ms. CAPA PA idol 2010. You are indeed PA idol this weekend, but Tuesday you turn back into a second year PA-S :) Love the Alumni dinner good job Jason and Monica. Good hearing Darla's touring again..lol. I could go on and on but its the last day of conference and I'm waiting for coffee....

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