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check out AAPA they tpically have some info


points to research


does FL have a law against the "corporate practice of medicine" if they do it means you can NOT just form a C-corp and hire a doc, but instead must form a professional service corp (PC) and have 1% owned by another provider - ie NP DO MD but not another PA or you can't bill medicare...


you have to incorporate if you bill medicare


you have to sign an assignment of benefits to bill medicare



I found that a 1% doc owner works nicely so far - then I am planing on getting a doc lined up to take over in case of accident or death of the primary doc so I would still be able to practice - might even hire a doc to work with me


I kept the doc out the day to day runnings


you should have a good attorney and talk and research a lot - start with the PA board in Fl, then the FL PA section, then the medical board (they likely will not like you) and then AAPA

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Florida has an additional requirement: the health care clinic act. If all the owners are not PAs themselves, then you will have to go through a licensure process as a health care clinic. Even if the current business that you are purchasing has non-PA owners and already have a health care clinic license, you will have to reapply if you purchase 50% or more ownership.

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I own a radiology center and I employ three radiologist, one full time and two prn.  I also employ a cardiologist to read the echo's.  I have an exemption with AHCA, since I'm licensed under chapter 458. I'm planning to start a medicaid practice in 2014  in the area since there is only one provider who accepts it.




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