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Are there any "How To Negotiate and be paid your worth" books on the market?

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Does anyone know of any literature out there that can help a new PA sell themselves to a potential employer? Bonus points if it includes a chapter on being the first PA in a practice, covering what trails to blaze i.e.: job description bullets, call responsibilities...


Another chapter on insurances would be helpful as well.. malpractice, tail.. etc etc


Perhaps one of you awesome, well established, successful PAs would be willing to write one?

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I've found this link to be very helpful and I have yet to be unhappy with my terms and salary. Also - do your research and get the data to support your requests. Then aim high and stick to it. Dont forget those little things and think outside of the box.







two thoughts -


1) you have to move jobs to find the one that will do productivity - if they are not set up for it they will never offer it


2) start your own business - ultimate productivity model....

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