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I finally got my GRE scores. ETS was nice enough not to notify me when my score was complete.


Anyway, my scores were as follows:


Quantitative 146 ~560 ~27th percentile

Verbal 155 ~530 ~65th percentile

Analytical 4.5


I'm pretty upset about quantitative. How crucial is it that I suffer through the examination once more? (My top choice is DeSales)

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That combined score is probably adequate. Have a plan to retake the exam in, oh, March/April 2013 if you don't get into any program this year. (on top of the plan to improve all the rest of your portfolio in case you don't get in this year which you already have developed... right?)

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How are the rest of your stats? GPA? sGPA? health care experience? By just sharing your GRE score tells us you didn't do well. Did you not do well because academics is not your strong point? Are academics not your strong point because you work as a surgical tech, RT, RN, paramedic, CT tech full time and can't study that well between your job and family with three kids?


I read your post to say that you don't like taking tests. My first impulse was to say "if the GRE gets you nervous, how are you going to handle the tests in PA school?" But then I figured if we knew a bigger picture about you then maybe we could give better advice

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