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Back from Afghanistan

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I'm back from Afghanistan. It still sucks... I was only blown up once. I'm still in the Infantry Battalion. Life is good.


Nate sends

Welcome back friend! I had you and all of our folks in my prayers and thoughts. Let's hope and pray that all of our folks get home from that AO safe soon! I've your cell# so expect a call to arrange that good meal I owe you.

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Kiddo #3! Me too! "Outpopulate the enemy" is what I say. Glad you had a good ride in Iraq. I have a part time gig now in addition to my army life. I'm going to go spend some days on an oil ship here in a short while. We definitely should talk. My phone got stolen by Afghans while I was over there so I lost all of my numbers to include my PA school pals. What have you been up to recently? I'll shoot you a message with my new number.

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