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Looking to shadow/ Atlanta, GA area

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Hello JLeskin1,

I've tried without much success for opportunities in Atlanta. Try gapa (Georgia association of physician assistants) and LinkedIn.

My experience has been, their not interested, too busy, or office/hospital does not participate/allow. Out of the 13 I contacted, only 1 responded. I also tried LinkedIn without much success also.

If you find a PA to shadow, please let me know once you've secured your spot.


Good Luck!

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I am a pre pa Student In Marietta.... The best advice i can give you is physically go to Dr. offices and ask about shadowing.. that is what I have done and I have gotten opportunities in Orthopedics, GI, Internal Medicine, Acute care, Dermatology, Plastic surgery, Trauma Surgery, General Surgery and Emergency Medicine. It is easy for them to dismiss you over the phone or over email... so if you take time and show up asking about opportunities they are much more receptive.

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