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I am currently working in the Northeast in IR. Been working here since graduation so about 3.5 years. Pay is 125k. 240 hours PTO (48 hours are deducted for holidays which we do not work) 5 days CME, $2000 CME. No call for now, but maybe call in the future. Its Monday to Friday either 8-4 pm or 10-6pm. Mix of outpatients, Inpatients, and follow-ups, No clinic for now. 

I am kind of tired of the monday to friday slog. Also tired of most of my supervising physicians not being supportive, and I  also dont feel like I have anything else to learn, and have lost most of my medical knowledge. 

I recently applied to a MICU position in Philadelphia. 13 days a month. 7-7pm (some overlap for turnover/signout). 30-40% nights. Weekend every 3rd week, but their hoping to hire more people to make it every 4th or 5th, and then working 2 holidays a year. They told me they also offer 5 weeks of PTO.  You sually take care of 4-6 patients in their MICU, mostly oncology transplant patients. Some of the time you also work on the procedural service where you do bedside procedures on other floors. I did not ask about other details because I didnt have a formal interview yet. I did interview with the head APP. and went to shadow as well. 

So my question is what base pay would you expect to ask for someone in my position? Some things to keep in mind is the fact that I will have to pay Philly wage tax which is an extra 3% and they also dont pay for parking or commuting by train, so that is and extra $2500. 

Most of the people I have spoken with say Base pay shoudl be around 140k-150k. But, I would love to hear your opinions. 

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On 1/24/2023 at 6:15 PM, kuzya4236 said:

Most of the people I have spoken with say Base pay shoudl be around 140k-150k. But, I would love to hear your opinions.

This would be a really high starting wage for someone not experiencing the in the ICU, that's coming from someone in a mod-high COL, not unheard of but would be surprising, although I suppose you're working 13 days/mo which is a little high IMO, especially if you're doing 30%-40% nights...although you're also getting 5 weeks PTO? Honestly I'm not sure how to comment on this as it's a little different than most ICU positions I've seen. 

I'd say sure, ask for 140k - 150k and see what happens *shrug*.  You likely wouldn't be underselling yourself.  Figure 13 x 12 x 12 = 1872hrs, subtract 5wks PTO which would be...17 shifts? Leaves you at 1668 hours annually worked, 140k/1668 = ~84/hr.  Not bad actually.

Interesting that they have a dedicated procedural team, also the average # patients you'd be managing is a good census, as long as you're given time to onboard and get up to that level.

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