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Question about CASPA and early deadline.

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Does anyone, applicant to current student, know if MEDEX considers you an early applicant if both CASPA and MEDEX supplimental applications were submitted before Sept. 1st even if CASPA had not varified and mailed until after the first?





Re-applicant to the Bach. Prog.

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Yes, they would consider you as an early applicant. However, your app has to have certain things completed before it can be considered, so it is possible to miss being picked for the early round of interviews because CASPA hasn't completed calculating GPA's etc. If that happens, hopefully the app would be completed by the time they do their selections for the second round of interviews. This is not ideal, as most seats are filled from the early rounds, but it is what it is.


Luckily the first round interviews for Yakima & Anchorage come after the first round one at Seattle, so you have a bit more time to have your app considered for the first round than Masters applicants do. I am in the same boat because I squeezed in a class during summer quarter, & my CASPA app has been sitting at complete/not verified for what seems to be an eternity. It's getting too close for comfort, as I'm sure they are going to start selecting applicants to interview for Yakima pretty soon, if they haven't started already.

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