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HPSP PA -- 2022

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Hello friends,


I grew up an AF dependent of my father who retired after 10 years of service, so the AF feels oddly like home to me. I debated applying for the HPSP after my sophomore year, and I recently got accepted into a program so I can finally start the process. I contacted a recruiter and will get the ball rolling in that direction in May as he directed. 

For those of you who have applied or received this scholarship, is the AF the best branch to pursue this? 

And what can I do right now to get my paperwork ready for this? I know the government moves like a slow oil-less machine at times. 

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Hi there! 

I've been in the Navy reserves for 4 years and I'm in the process of applying to PA school and I'm exploring my scholarship program options for the military and PA school as well. In terms of if AF is the best branch to pursue HPSP through, I am inclined to think so. I was recently told by my recruiter that the Navy does not have any quotas for HPSP PA this year and has not for the previous year or two (this may be different for civilians applying). I do not know about how quotas are for the Army. I'm sure the process and or requirements differ slightly from branch to branch but some info that might be helpful: 

-Start working on your CV and place emphasis on what you are doing NOW. my recruiter said there is a lot of importance on what you are currently doing versus your past experiences. 

- Begin thinking about who you want to write you letters of recommendation for this scholarship, again my recruiter placed emphasis on choosing people who can attest to your strengths currently versus past roles or positions. 

- In terms of paperwork, just be sure you follow directions very careful to avoid it getting kicked back to you for formatting mistakes or having an outdated form number, the military loves to kick stuff like that back and delay the process. 

Best of luck to you!

- Ally

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Hey Kaleb,

I am an Air Force HPSP recipient and actively involved in HPSP as an AD officer.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.  I can give you some insights into the current manning in the Air Force as well as how many HPSP applicants were accepted this past year.  Congrats on getting into PA school. 


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