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What is the concensus on tattoos in the workplace?

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Usually that area is covered by scrubs , shirts/blouses, etc. however, for ladies with sleeveless dresses, it will be exposed..


Acceptance of tats in the workplace is probably generational and cultural. My generation ( I am over 60) did and do not have a lot of ladies with tattoos, and mostly the tats guys have are from their years in the military or a few hippie love peace and nirvana stuff.


Younger folks nowadays seem to consider tats a form of jewelry or body art, and are more accepting and nonchalant about them. I work in an Ed and cover an ICU where several of the nurses have exposed tats.. On their wrists, ankles, shoulders, with the lower and upper back tattoos peeping out from under the posterior collar or uprising scrub shirt. I have heard no negative comments from staff or patients. When in position to hire, I chose to not offer jobs to PAs who had nose or lip or facial metal/rings... I am not sure what I what I would have done with a facial tat ( probably not hired).


What you are describing probably will not be a hindrance ... The absolute safest course, however, is to not have any.



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depends on where you work. at my ER alot of the staff has visible tats. i would say the ER is probably the least conservative setting though. i imagine in many private practices tats would need to be covered. they would definitely need to be covered during clinical rotations during PA school. your tats location sounds like an easy area to keep covered.

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