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I interviewed at UNTHSC on September 14th and received a letter that same day inviting me to interview at UTSW on October 26/27th. Still haven't heard from UTSA or UTMB and UNTHSC told me that it would be 4 weeks before I would be notified of a decision. Best of luck in the application process. Waiting is killer!

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For UNTHSC, what do you mean by "4 weeks before I would be notified of a decision?" 4 weeks before what? Also, what are your stats if you don't mind me asking? Best of luck to you too! Haven't heard back from any of the schools yet..

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For UNTHSC I interviewed on September 14th and the admissions counselor (Felicity White) informed me that after the interview the admission board spends the following 4 weeks reviewing the applications of those that interviewed that day. After those 4 weeks they inform each interviewee whether or not they are accepted, wait-listed or rejected. Since I interviewed September 14th I plan on hearing from the board around October 14th (which is the killer!). Make sense?


I received the UNT interview invite via phone call (and email if they don't get ahold of you via phone) and UTSW still uses old school mail to send out their invitations. Both schools sent me the invitations approximately 1 month before the actual interview date if that helps.


It seems that many schools don't send out invitations until October/Nov/Dec so I wouldn't worry too much about interviews. I know that UTSA is one that doesn't interview until Nov/Dec/Jan.



Oh, and I don't mind sharing my stats:


First time applicant

B.S. Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Spanish from University of Texas, Arlington


Cum Undergrad GPA: 3.87

Science GPA: 3.82

HCE: 3,000 hours as an ER scribe

200 hospital volunteer hours

BLS for Healthcare Providers



250 community service volunteer hours

GRE: 156 V 150Q 4.0 Written



Application submitted 7/9/12, verified on 7/11/12


Best of luck and keep your head up!

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There is a pre-PA general discussion forum that talks exclusively about the different types of interview questions, interview formats and scenarios you will encounter. I noticed another forum you created and I agree with those who posted there. While waiting for responses from schools you should definitely read up and look into ways to gain more HCE, particularly paid HCE (scribe, EMT, etc) and to boost your GPA a bit. You may consider retaking some classes and retaking the GRE as well, although I will say that it seems that most schools don't seem to weigh the GRE too heavily (although every bit helps!).


I discovered these forums around May and spend A LOT of time reading up on just about every subject (including pre-PA forums and forums about what PA students or PA-C's have to say!). Read up, find ways to improve your application, keep your head up, and no matter the outcome of this application cycle if you really want to be a PA work towards that goal! All the best

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