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Professionalism warnings and applying for first job

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I recently graduated in New York, but I had a couple professionalism warnings and a temporary suspension that occurred while I was going through my rotations.  None of these were a result of anything that occurred at the medical facilities I was attending,  I always had very positive reviews.  I was even received a few letters of recommendations for when I begin looking for a job.    I graduated magna cum laude.   

My professionalism warnings were a result of a mistake I made logging an extra hour, an unexcused absence for a funeral that I attended,  and during one of my rotations my preceptor scheduled my hours that resulted in an average of 40+ hours per week, but one of the weeks I was only scheduled 36 hours (the rule was that I had to have 40+ hours/week).  Toward the beginning of my rotations was when COVID first started so I had multiple quarantines that resulted in having to start a rotation over due to the lack of hours.  I also was diagnosed with a health conditions (unrelated to COVID) that required medication that ended up causing me to become ill/nauseous.  This also resulted in other warnings for attendance. 

When I graduated the PA director of my school made a comment that when I apply for a job my file from the school was going to be thick and that when I apply for a job most places probably wouldn't even consider bringing me in for an interview and when they do I should be accurate when explaining the warnings I received.  

When I apply for a job will the facility contact my school?  If so what information can my school share and can they make any negative comments regarding hiring me?




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I think it depends on what job you are applying for.  Typically I have just interviewed and do not remember that question coming up.  Now when it comes to the board you do need to report that.  We have had many MD, DO, and PAs go through process and forget to mention issues like that from school.  That is a huge red flag for licensing and some have come in front of the board to plead their case.  It never looks good if you are not totally honest.  

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Wow, what a terrible program.  Mine specified that all such warnings were internal only and to be destroyed upon graduation--only the suspension would have been logged.

Good news is "it was Covid and everything was a bit nuts" is a pretty reasonable excuse.

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