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Class of 2015: I'm in...now what?

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I got an email, and now a letter, telling me that I have been accepted into the class of 2015 and will start the program this spring . My question is...what now? For those who have been accepted how are you preparing for the program? By this I mean:


-Financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships? I was lucky enough to finance my undergrad education with scholarships and I am concerned and clueless about taking out student loans for the first time.)

- Housing (I think I will most likely be at the Morehead Campus)

-Study tools (what are you going to use to take notes, laptop, ipad, tablet PC, good old fashion notebook and pencil? I currently use the notebook method, but am considering saving up and spending money on a new-fangled electronic device. advice?)


For those who are currently in the program, any advice on what I need to do to have all my ducks in a row before January?


Like most of you it seems like I've spent so long focusing on getting INTO the program that I find myself asking "now what?"

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CONGRATULATIONS on getting in!! I hope you are able to get your selected campus.


Honestly, I haven't given a whole lot of thought to next steps yet. I was waiting on the add'l info that we should receive in early Oct. (final campus selection, background check info, etc.).


- Fin aid: Combination of savings and student loans.

- Housing: Already live in the Lexington area - no change.

- Study tools: Very good question. I'm old school, so I still prefer pencil & notebook. Would be interesting in learning what others have found helpful though.

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Hello everybody, congrats on getting accepted! I'll see if I can help answer some of your questions...


Financial Aid: I did not do much with this until much closer to school starting. Most everyone seems to be financing theirs with only government loans, and there really is not much you can do yet besides updating your FASFA. You will have to wait until at least November before the office of financial aid will really even be able to tell you much. If you are doing private loans, it may not be too early to start looking into that. I know nothing about those though...


Housing: I believe the plan is to try and get your class together for some type of gathering in October. I am not sure of that, but that might be a good way to find roommates. Several people in our class live together, but most live alone or with their partner. As for areas of town that are good, it really depends what you want. I can go into more detail on that if you have an idea of what you're looking for. Let me know!


Study tools: The vast majority of people use a laptop for at least a portion of their note taking. Almost all of our lectures are accompanied by a powerpoint, so it just makes the most sense. There are some who prefer the good old pen and paper, but it really just depends on your style. I go computer all the way and have had no problems. My handwriting is terrible and I can type much faster than I can write, so it works for me. I would recommend getting something small with a good battery life. A couple of people use iPads, but for taking notes they really aren't that great.


The class ahead of us sent us sort of welcome packet that contained a bunch of info on what to expect and just things that they had picked up along the way that really helped them out with their first year. Everything from where to live to what kind of colored pencils to buy for anatomy... I would imagine we will be doing something similar for you guys, so stay tuned. In the mean time, enjoy your freedom. January will be here before you know it...

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You have to buy your own scrubs but you don't have to wear them everyday. In the first semester we only wore them twice a week, when we had gross anatomy, but the second semester you wear them more because you are doing more clinical work. You must get these for yourself, so it is a good thing to ask for with the holidays coming up.

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