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Ohio Dominican Application Cycle 2011-2012

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I went to an information session at ODU back in May. The Program Director seemed really, really excited about starting the program. I got an email 2 weeks ago inviting me to an interview. I go on October 10th for the interview. I am excited the process is so much quicker here because I noticed from the boards that other schools I applied to I won't hear back from for a really long time. Anyone else hear back?


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Congratulations to everyone who has interviewed, and those who have been accepted!


I was wondering when those of you who have received interview invitations submitted your applications? How long did it take before you heard from them?


I have recently applied and was just wondering when to expect to hear from them. :)


Thank you!



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sherm1cn-interview process is pretty laid back. It's a small group, Dr. Paulk comes in to talk about the program, shows you around, and then you have two individual interviews. If you relax, you'll do fine, everyone is really friendly. Hope this helps and good luck!

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