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Wilderness Medicine/Mountain Rescue Clinical Rotation

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I am a first year PA student and am beginning to plan for clinical placements. My program mentioned that if I were interested in a specialty that was not yet established by the school that I would be able to request for one to be created (not guaranteed of course). For example, a previous student interested in forensics had a rotation created for them. I am curious if anyone knows of PA's that work in wilderness medicine or something related such as mountain rescue. Any information is greatly appreciated!

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You should look at the Wilderness Medicine Society (WMS.org). There are a number of PAs who have earned the Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) designation--I think all members (and student membership is cheap) have access to the FAWM directory. Now, not all of us work in wilderness medicine--my interest is in austere/travel/missionary medicine--but there may be ways to connect with people there. 

If you have functionally unlimited income, you might see if they'll let a PA-S2 into one of these:


Best wishes!



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Iowa School of Wilderness Medicine. Course does count for CME credits towards WIlderness Medicine Certification.

primary contact is Dan Wing MD. Excellent course that has PA and MD students, as well as PA residents and MD residents. 

The class travels to Colorado for hands on activities like high altitude medicine and avalanche prevention, cross country skiing, hiking, basic rope work and evacuation drills. The Wilderness Medicine course culminates with a canoeing and camping trip to Current River, MO. The course focuses on provision of medical care in remote and austere environments. Didactic lectures include topics ranging from: water purification, altitude and dive medicine, travel medicine, infectious diseases and how to create environment appropriate medical kits and choose the correct equipment for any given expedition. Residents also help to provide coordination of didactic lectures, are expected to create and present lectures on a variety of Wilderness Medicine related topics, and serve as mentors for the other class participants.

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