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medicaid reimbursement in Texas for Family practice

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No one has answered the original question and I'm sorry that I don't have the numbers in front of me. It is greatly influence by the fact or not you are an official Rural Health Clinic or Federally designated undeserved area.  I have the actual numbers somewhere on my computer (and we are neither the above) and when I have time I will look for them.


I will give some advice about billing. It has become extremely complex and difficult. More than 50% of our energy is completely wasted on doing business with insurance companies including prior auths and rebills for clean claims that were rejected.


I will also add, after going through 5 billers including outsourcing once, no billing services, no billing software will live up to its claims of helping. All will disappoint.  Our outsourcing to a reputable company was a disaster.  After spending two years investigating billing and office management software we finally pick what appeared to be the best.  For the first six months it failed in many areas costing us thousands of dollars.


We now have a good biller, the best I've seen, yet billing and getting paid is a constant challenge.  Small practices will have a hard time existing in the future in the present climate of insurance companies creating a labyrinth of complexities to avoid paying you.

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