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I don't think I can do this

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8th clinical rotation. Internal medicine. I have only ever felt more dumb at one other point in my life and that was my General Surgery rotation. Everyone in my internal med rotation is super nice, but I don't get how they are able to do this. I see 2 patients on average each day and can barely manage, and during my patient presentations my preceptor has to save me each time. I can't make good plans, I can't think of anything independently, and I am less than a month from graduating. I don't even know how to manage a patient's insulin. All I know how to do well is take a test and I thus I am terrified. I have diagnosed GAD, and slow processing speeds, and it never was an issue until clinicals, and especially the hospitalist rotations. I could study my ass off to compensate for my deficiencies in didactic, but I cant seem to do the same for clinical practice. My heart just feels destroyed because I fought so hard for this, but I am starting to believe that me as a person was not meant for it. I just don't know what to do.  Advice, please. 

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Ahh yes, internal medicine. The worst rotation ever. This may or may not help you, but you are not alone in this. It's a difficult rotation and many students feel the same way you do right now. My recommendation is to review important topics in the PPP books, like cardiology, heme, and pulm. Also review pharm lectures and any notes you may have. You'll be okay, you'll get through this and move on to the next thing before you know it. 

From a student who's IM rotation was 15hr days 5 days a week with a couple hours of sitting and a Harvard graduate preceptor...trust me it gets better from here. Hang in there.

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Internal medicine is a difficult rotation and difficult to work in these days.  When I graduated there for approximately 3 diabetic medications and probably 5 antibiotics to choose from.  Now at least for me its impossible to keep up with!    Focus on the most prominent complaints: Back pain, Diabetes and HTN.  

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