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I’m a stay at home mom PA-C and I want to beef up my resumenow; in preparation for future jobs. Please tell me which allied health jobsare in high demand right now? I want to complete an online program with Univ.of Phoenix and a get a certification in an allied health field but I do notknow which ones I should choose. Also,any recommendations for any other certifications that are in high demand rightnow? Thank you ahead a time for your thoughts.

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Please let me clarify. I am a PA-C and have worked professionally for 2 years until I gave birth. I am a legit PA forum member for at least 4 years and I am not spaming from UNV. Phoenix. I just mentioned that online university because it is the most recognizable.

I want to beef my resume now so that in the future when I decide to not be a stay at home mom I can have a more attractive resume for employer.Yes, I have looked into volunteer for free clinic. In addition, I want to work in a third shift jobs or part time job in the future so I can be a part time stay at home mom. I am not finding many PA jobs in third shift or part time NOW so I figured I can fall back on my allied health degree in the future if I cannot find the ideal PA job for me. I understand the cost of the allied health program is expensive and I understand I might not recoup back the cost.

Otherwise, if anyone can recommend any credentialing that is in high demand now, please let me know. For example, if having an diabetes educator credentialing will help me get a endocrine PA-C, then that is what I will do. I am sorry for any confusion, but the most important answers I am seeking for is advice to beef up my resume. Thank you once again for your advice,thoughts, keep them coming :0)

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I figured I can fall back on my allied health degree in the future


Not sure if I'd want to fall back on an allied degree from the university of Phoenix. That's just me though. Like the others have said, I'd recommend working a day or two per week in a free clinic - ya know, making some use out of that PA degree and actually helping people(what a thought!)

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Ok i see...can u work one or two days a week? I would see that as better at padding your CV than anything else. I would call some FP practices or you can try On Assignment or other temp agencies. They may be able to find you some per diem jobs. Work 1 or 2 days/nights a week and you'll be keeping your CV current. I don't see how obtaining a cert but never using it would make you look like a good hire down the road.


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I don't have any advice about beefing up your resume other than what's been said. However, I do want to tell you that employers do not mind gaps in employment if they're explained in a cover letter. I used to work in HR and we actually found it refreshing when someone took the time to explain a gap in their employment without expecting us to just overlook a 2 or 3 year gap.


In any event, good luck in your job search!

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Thanks for all your advice. I live in Milwaukee, WI. I would love to get an hospitalist or ER job but I do not have the experience. I worked as a Family PA-C for one year and worked at Jail for the second year. What can I do to prepare myself for the work duties of an ER or hospitalist job? Where can I gain more experience in these areas? Are there books I can read to prepare myself for these jobs?


Thank you for your insights.

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volunteer to keep a clinical affiliation - too many horror stories of people of out clinical practice that have a VERY difficult time getting their license back


find a doc in the box or back to the jail one day a week or cover one weekend a month - something clincial!!

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