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Hi all! I’ve been applying for a summer PCE job in all sorts of positions (mostly CNA) but also applied for a position as a patient safety attendant. Does anyone know if that would count as PCE? The job description is pretty long, but most of the responsibilities are listed below: 

Position Description: The Patient Safety Attendant (PSA) participates in high-quality, patient-centered care by providing continuous observation and monitoring for high risk patients
In collaboration with the patient care team, the PSA ensures the patient environment is free of obstacles and minimizes risk of falls and accidental or intentional self-harm
The Sitter may also assist with basic activities of daily living
Maintains a direct line of sight with patient at all times, including while family and/or visitors are in the room Accompanies patient and ensures patient safety during transportation, testing, and procedures occurring away from the patients normal environment
Establishes a sage, risk-free patient environment by utilizing knowledge of fall prevention protocols, infection control measures, and self-harm prevention
Performs room assessment regularly and after any visitations
Monitors patient physical and emotional condition
Reports any changes in status promptly while remaining direct line of sight with the patient
Intervenes as needed to prevent patient from harming self or others
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Generally no, a PSA or a Sitter is not PCE. It is HCE though. Most Sitters don't even take vitals on patients, though that may vary between facilities or assignments. There are definitely much better opportunities out there!

That being said, are you in still school (since you're looking for a summer PCE job)? If that's the case then you may have a harder time finding a seasonal PCE role. Although...many places are desperate for healthcare workers so that make work to your advantage. There are often winter seasonal jobs but less so in the summer. The time that it takes to hire and train a worker for 3 months is not usually worth it for large hospital systems, especially if you don't have previous experience.

If you are a student, are there volunteer clinics in your area? Or part time CNA work you could do and then continue through the school year? The Sitter role could be a supplement if you're having a hard time finding anything else and it could help you make connections that lead to a better role down the line.

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@PApivot Thanks for your help! Yes, I’m still in school so I was hoping to work full time over the summer and transition to part time work during the school year. Luckily, I have also applied to some open CNA positions and there seems to be a lot of demand in my area so I’ll probably go with that, but I just wanted to see if it was an option I should consider or not. Thank you again for your help!

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