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I Want to Buy a House & Go to PA School

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I recently got my undergrad & I'm excited to apply to PA school. However, my parent's house is falling apart. Therefore, I want to buy a house & finish PA school. I don't have the heart to leave my parents to collapse into their own house. My father will retire in 2 years & has a bad knee from arthritis. My mother has two broken feet from falling through the floor of the above mentioned house. How can I do it all? I want to get my PA degree & save my parents from living in a stupid house. I don't want my parents to live in a crappy, dangerous city with bad medical service. None of the PA schools seem to be in a rural setting away from crowds & crime. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for not writing unnecessarily rude or inconsiderate comments. 

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Helping your parents is an admirable thought. And I have no idea if you have the financial where-with-all to pay tuition, buy or rent a place for your parents, cover their costs when you Dad has to leave his job 2 years before retirement, etc. Add in the stress of a tough educational program and, to me, it sounds like a heavy lift.

There are PA programs all across the country. While they aren't typically in rural places, there are schools in small cities; my program was in a city of 13,000.  And not all bigger cities are automatically "crappy and dangerous."  And not all small places have all of the specialty medicine your parents may need.

I recommend figuring out if you really have the resources to do this. If so, then slant your search for schools in towns you'd like to be in with your parents. If not, you could decide to delay your schooling while you bridge your parents into retirement.

Best wishes.

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