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What is considered late for schools with rolling admissions

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I want to try and get as much clinical experience as I can get before I apply. Mono took me out my junior summer going into senior year. So sadly I am at only 260 hours. If I can hold of my application off, I can get close to 1000 hours of experience for the schools with deadlines on Aug. 1 and even more for the ones with deadlines further into the future. 

I think I am a competitive applicant; with a 3.65 GPA (3.8 science), 40+ hours shadowing (w/ an MD and PA), 500 hours of research (with published work in the Journal of Anatomy- as the second author), and some leadership/volunteer experience. I will admit my experience is lacking and I think that is the biggest weak point, that being said I have a ton of schools with deadlines as early as Aug (thru Dec. 1).

Some of those schools being rolling admissions, anyone know a rough estimate of when the latest would be to apply to rolling admissions programs (1 month out, 2 weeks out, etc..)

If anyone has any tips let me know, thanks!

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wanted to include a thank you lol
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Even with rolling admission you have a better chance the earlier you apply as they hold multiple interviews and accept prospective students throughout the process meaning there are less available slots as the deadline nears. It is possible to get in with late applications but your chances are reduced. What about applying and then sending updates with your additional hours? I do know someone that didn't apply due to health issues but then decided to go ahead at the very end of the cycle. They applied to 6 schools though some were probably already filled. About 1-3 weeks prior to rolling admission deadline. They got two interviews, one wait-list and one acceptance on their first application cycle. You never know if you fit the bill for what they are looking for in those last spots.  It can be done but I still think earlier is better with sending updates. 

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