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Collections verification

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Hi all, 

does anyone know if there is a way to verify the actual number of collections you bring in as a PA? In order to be able to compare the actual number to the numbers your employer tells you that you bring in? I have tried looking at the CMS website but can’t find any concrete way to check. 

thanks in advance 

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I went directly to our CPA in one situation (where they were low-balling me) and asked that a monthly report be given to me, the same report he uses for the practice finances. I hinted to the office manager, a friend, that if the two docs opposed me seeing the numbers, I would start looking for a new position. Some really screwy things showed up, such as Botox injections being assigned to one of the physicians. I was the only one doing Botox. This led us to discover (probably unintentional) how some things were being coded at the front desk, assigning my patients to the physicians. We fixed that and my productivity bonus went up and I got back pay for the months that were coded wrong. 

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How do you go about finding an accountant that would look into your collections/billings. I reached out to a local accountant, and he was confused as to how he would be able to audit the collections/be of any use. He was concerned he wouldn’t be useful as he isn't  familiar with the software/electronic medical records that we use (EMA). 
does anyone have an accountant that they would recommend in the world of medical dermatology using EMA? 

Thanks for any help!


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thinking more about this


you should know who you are credentialed with

I think (unsure but likely) that you as a credentialed provider could write them requesting a copy of the payments for a certain time frame (i.e. last year) 

compile all the payments and you have the data


You can also ask for your wRVU if you are billing directly and this sort of helps (but does not take into consideration the wild variation from Medicare rates that some insurance companies - last time I looked they were all HIGHER then medicare rates)

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