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Value of Lab Research?

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Hi guys, I'm currently an undergrad majoring in human biology on a pre-PA track. I'm in the honors program at my university and they require students to do research.

First, does research look good on a PA application? I have the choice to do microbiology research or physiology research. 

The microbiology research is a program I was accepted into and I would get paid for this opportunity. I guess my second question is, would this paid research internship by the NIH really stick out to admissions? Are PA schools picky with letters or recommendation? I'm just curious if they will value a LOR from a PI or are they more focused on clinical worker LORs. Or does it not matter?


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A general question that's hard to answer. In general, research experience seems less important than clinical experience. If you have clinical experience, then some research experience might be a good plus.

As far as references, the most important ones are usually your clinical supervisors and professors. On the other hand, the best one I ever read was from an applicant's college soccer coach.

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