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Would a Hindi minor be beneficial for PA school?

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I am currently in my second semester of my freshman year for undergrad. I am a psychology major and I am currently pre-pa so I am set up to take all the required pre-reqs that my university recommends for PA school. I am planning on getting my CNA certification this summer so that I can get certified and maybe start working. I was wondering if it would be beneficial for me to declare a Hindi minor as well. I started taking Hindi courses because I was interested and I've realized that I most likely will want to continue learning Hindi in undergrad for as long as I am able to. In order to just learn the language I will need to take another 4 semesters of Hindi but to declare a minor there are 3 additional courses. Please give me insight as to whether a Hindi minor would distinguish me from other applicants.


This is not my original question but I was also wondering if it would be beneficial for me to complete a phlebotomy training program as well along with my CNA certification or if this would be a waste of time. I see many people say that it isn't that beneficial as it is a repetitive job and doesn't help you acquire as many PCE so this wouldn't stand up?


Thank you!

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Speaking the language would help you. Having the minor, not so much. Being bilingual is a big plus when looking for jobs after graduation. 

Regarding phlebotomy, it makes you more marketable and if you can get the cert quickly there is no reason not to. If it is expensive or time consuming, you can skip it. 

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